Microsoft wants to literally surround you with videogames

Mircrosoft recently filed a patent for an “Immersive Display Experience” to make a virtual game room. The detailed description states that images outside of the HD display could engage a player’s peripheral vision. It definitely sounds like a Kinect 2.0 that would be more group-friendly than a VR headset, but conversly would need a big space to play in.

[0010] Interactive media experiences, such as video games, are commonly delivered by a high quality, high resolution display. Such displays are typically the only source of visual content, so that the media experience is bounded by the bezel of the display. Even when focused on the display, the user may perceive architectural and decorative features of the room the display is in via the user’s peripheral vision. Such features are typically out of context with respect to the displayed image, muting the entertainment potential of the media experience. Further, because some entertainment experiences engage the user’s situational awareness (e.g., in experiences like the video game scenario described above), the ability to perceive motion and identify objects in the peripheral environment (i.e., in a region outside of the high resolution display) may intensify the entertainment experience. 

This isn’t the first time someone has had the idea to project images around the room in a game space.