And the best mods of the year are…

Modding is the most benevolent kind of narcissism. Think about it. Here is this person, just another player, who decides for whatever reason that, say, Skyrim doesn’t live up to expectations. It would be better if they had made it. So they do. Us unadventurous types are ever-thankful for their egotism, because we get an extended cut of mountain hiking and wyvern-zapping for nothing.

Now is the chance to show your appreciation to these heroes of hacking, as there are seven days remaining in which to vote for Mod Database’s top-mod-of-the-year. There are plenty of mods in the running this year. The Sith Lords in The Knights of the Old Republic were finally given the treatment that a Sith Lord should be given; Thief was HD-ified; Day Z continued to be awesome; and a nautical-minded person went through the trouble of overhauling the Pirates of the Caribbean game with a historical naval campaign. This is why we love modding.