Balancing a career as a game designer and a conceptual artist

Our chat with Zach Gage

April 23, 2021

How do you make the jump from conceptual artist to video game designer and then back again? New York-based artist and game designer Zach Gage has managed this for years.

His  work since then reflects an itinerant nature that’s moved  from fonts to sound design to performance. Oh, and there’s some Proper Video games thrown in there like Typeshift, Really Bad Chess, and Card of Darkness. The throughline of all his work is a deep love and exploration of systems and the generative behaviors that they create in players.

In this talk, Killscreen founder Jamin Warren talks with Gage about jumping in and out of videogames and exploring how to mix commercial video game design with work as an artist. We’ll also talk about Zach’s approach to his process, looking at his most popular gaming projects and favorite conceptual pieces.