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The perfect videogames to play with your old man this Father’s Day

This post was written as part of our collaboration with eBay. We were about to write your typical glib Father’s Day card sentiments to convince you that you should buy dad some of these fine videogames to celebrate his day in the sun. After all, games are fun and valuable life experiences and can create unforgettable bonds. But then we had a better idea. You may know our founder Jamin Warren is the host of PBS Game/Show. In a thread for a recent episode, we received a very poignant and Dad Day-related comment. 00WARTHERAPY00 wrote the story of how he…

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Just now getting into the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3? There’s still time.

Our eBay Collections were curated as part of our collaboration with eBay. Ok so this month could be a wake-up call for you. You’ve just been hanging out for the last, oh, 7 or 8 years, meaning to buy a new videogame console and, well, just plum forgot to do it. Now the new ones are upon you and you don’t know what to do! You’ve missed out on some good, sweet times. Well, we’re here to help you play some catch-up. Fortunately, there’s tons of classics at your disposal to play and this list includes some must-haves to bring…