The Concentric Fictions of a Generous History

A workshop with Dhruv Jani

June 22, 2021

On July 11, 2021, game research and art studio Studio Oleomingus’ Dhruv Jani lead a kaleidoscopic narrative design workshop. Centering on the question, “can interactive fiction operate as a powerful political tool”, this workshop interrogated language, protest, bodies, and empathy in the games space.

The workshop was structured into four exploratory parts:

Introduction: Beliefs and practice

Places, sites, and boundaries

Bodies and identity

Rituals and labor

Participants left with a storytelling prototype that they can develop into an analog or digital game.

About The Instructor

Dhruv Jani is the founder of a game research & arts studio called Oleomingus; Where they practice at the intersection of post colonial writing, speculative architecture and interactive fiction.

They use games to study colonial power structures and the histories that they occlude and how hypertext might be used to pollute a single reductive record of the past or of a people.

His work is currently supported by the Serendipity Arts Foundation and Humble Bundle Inc. and they are recipients of the AMAZE Humble Award 2020. He has also been a resident at Khoj International Artists Association, and the recipient of an Arts Practice Grant from the India Foundation for the Arts.

He has created and exhibited games at V&A London, G|39 Gallery in Cardiff, Somerset House London, Phoenix gallery Leicester, Jawahar Kala Kendra Jaipur, VideoGame Art Gallery Chicago, TENT Biennale – Kolkata, Eye Myth – Mumbai, Shenzhen New Media Arts Festival, WordPlay at Ontario, Overkill Festival – Netherlands, amongst other places.