Commedia del’Arte

A collaboration between students at the Enjoin and EMCA Schools
Mac, PC
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Surprisingly, improv is about more than Amy Poehler making fart jokes. At the heart of great improv is a sense of play. Though it’s controlled and focused, emergent play defines improv as much as it defines games like The Sims, where players (or actors) are encouraged to go to town within the confines of a defined possibility space. Commedia dell’Arte: Masks, Masters and Servants marries the play of improv with the play of videogames into a point and click stage play. You are a young comedian in Italy at the height of the 16th century, and the crowd has come to love your buffoonery. You can interact and influence each show with a myriad of responses, from scaring your fellow thespians with props, to verbally abusing them with dialogue choices. The stage is your oyster!