2012 election shows signs of American progress

A nationwide (even global) magnifying glass was placed on the 2012 election and campaign trail. Most of the attention was put on the presidential race, but Nov. 6 was a day of progress in many states for reasons that had nothing to do with the presidential ballot. Washington and Colorado legalized recreational marijuana use (increased their immigration rate by 400%). Maine and Maryland legalized same-sex marriage, but Maine also showed it was tolerant in another area: gaming.

The World of Warcraft playing, Maine state senate candidate Colleen Lachowicz was elected despite a campaign which disparaged her for such a hobby. 

Lachowicz, the Democrat candidate for district 25 of the Maine State Senate, came to the attention of gamers early in October when her Republican opponents launched “Colleen’s World,” a website dedicated to her World of Warcraft persona Santiaga and some of the comments she made while playing, like admitting that she was part of a “socialist guild” or wanting to “dickpunch Arthas.”

Lachowicz celebrated [the senatorial] victory by posting a link to the Final Fantasy IV “Victory Fanfare” on her Facebook page.

Consituents must have figured it’s better for their senators to loot dungeons than tax payers.