In terrifying, supercool, and futuristic development, you can now print gun parts

Attention, Nerf and paintball enthusiasts: you can now print your very own gun parts! The amateur gunsmith Michael Guslick downloaded the blueprints for the frame of an AR-15, a close cousin to the M-16. 

In this case, Gunslick used commercial off-the-shelf parts to manufacture his gun and used the 3D printer to only make the lower receiver (see above image). He bought the upper receiver, barrel, grip, magazine, and ammunition.

However, if metal materials become available for home printers, it could become possible for hobbyists to one day print an entire gun. Gun-enthusiast groups like “Defense Distributed” even set up a crowdfunding page (known as “Wiki weapon”) to usher into existence the first fully 3D printed gun. Indiegogo recently shut down its page, citing “unusual account activity.”

Below is the gun Guslick made; plastic parts were printed at home. I hope no one crazy is reading this!