The 3D tour of the Great Pyramids you didn’t know existed is finally here.

A new 3D project has turned the Great Pyramids into digital artifacts. A new project engineered by software design firm Dassault Systèmes, in collaboration with Harvard University and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, has recreated the wonder of the world. You can even use 3D glasses to view the entire thing.

“Many 3-D models of ancient sites have more to do with fantasy and video games than with archaeology. The colors, surfaces and textures are not researched and appear quite flat or unrealistic,” Peter Der Manuelian, Philip J. King professor of Egyptology at Harvard University and director of the MFA’s Giza Archives, told Discovery News

The project stems from George Andrew Reisner’s work (1867-1942). Reisner was an American Egyptologist who directed the work of the Harvard University—Museum of Fine Arts Boston Expedition at the Giza Plateau more than a century ago. Because of his ground-breaking use of photography during the excavation, he is the chief reason that MFA is home to one of the finest Egyptian collections outside Egypt.

You can visit the project here.