First-person Trader Joe’s, long-faced Joe Biden, and Shelter’s sacrificial mamma badger is back

Alpha Beta by Valerie Jean Chen and Sarah Rothberg is first-person Trader Joe’s. But I couldn’t find the Halloumi.

Forbes wonders aloud if Joe Biden’s hypothetical videogame tax violates the first amendment. You know, because of that little thing about protected free speech. 

While the rest of the internet goes gaga for that vicious killer German Shepard with photorealistic fur from Call of Duty: Ghosts, I’ll point you to these fine huskies in adorable pixel graphics. Dog Sled Saga makes ’em say mush.

Because there is no point in limited games to just one screen when you have a phone, a laptop, and a desktop around you, Andy Sigler made Screen Racer.

In the design of Xbox One, Microsoft was going for “boldly understated.” Meditate on that when you want to calm yourself over the press conference/no used game thing.

If you thought Shelter‘s sacrificial mamma badger looked venerable before, wait till you see her now. 

And 7 Grand Steps, the narrative boardgame about spinning the wheel of time from the Bronze Age onward, has a release date on Steam: June 7th. 

And…We’re out!