Stop what you’re doing and drop a hot beat on this Rubik’s Cube

The Rubik’s cube is a 3D puzzle that clandestinely teaches us about algorithms and math and lessons in futility. The 808 is an iconic drum machine by Roland popularized by The Beastie Boys. Not much in common, right? 

But when the color-matching toy is paired with classic electronic percussion equipment, something amazing happens: namely the 808 Cube. It’s made by Cube Lab (who else?), the guys who built Google’s Rubik’s Cube playable doodle of last week, but this one is much more satisfying for those of us who suck at logic puzzles. 

Part deviously perplexing hexahedron, part old-school bass-dropping beat machine, this pulsating, pattern-memorizing web app might be the most dope music creation game/thing ever to be graced by a mouse cursor. What’s so great about it, aside from the fact that you’re using a Rubik’s Cube to make head-nodding beats, is how your rhythm remains in step as you twist the columns to bring in bass drums, cowbells, and high-hats. Also, it doesn’t hurt that this thing make sounding like an MC effortless. 

You can jam out here on Chrome.