9 director Shane Acker to use Source engine to make his next animated film.

For years players have created a roughshod kind of cinema using the games Halo and Splinter Cell, but rarely have professional filmmakers thought to use game design tools for their films. Shane Acker, who directed the Tim Burton-produced 9, aims to change that. He’ll partner with partner with Valve to use its Source Engine to create his next film, Deep.

The movie is set in the aftermath of World War III where the few surviving clusters of humans live in the the wreckage of sunken ships at the bottom of the ocean. The story will center on a man called Sullivan, who pilots of nuclear submarine. He encounters a strange group of survivors known as the Wayfarers and discovers they may have a secret power that can save the planet, though it might also come with dire consequences.

The film will be produced by Irish company Brown Bag Films and will have a working budget of 15 million Euros, or approximately $18.7 million. Brown Bag previously produced the Academy Award nominated animated shorts “Give Up Yer Aus Sins” and “Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty.”

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