A new system for movie-goers hands the narrative over to the viewer.

Think about all the terrible movies you’ve ever watched…it’s probably a pretty long list.

All frustrated consumers, rejoice: a new system by UK based company Myndplay has developed a system of software and an EEG-based headset that allows movie viewers to control specially developed films. With their minds. Really.

Dubbed “the world’s first mind-controlled media player and platform,” the headset by NeuroSky actually reads the brain’s attention and relaxation levels and sends that information to the software, which interprets the data and adjusts the film’s narrative accordingly. While the company has already developed a movie called Paranormal Mynd: Exorcism with three different endings, plans for the system include not only additional films but also games and other interactive components…even “emotional therapy sessions for mental wellbeing,” for those who feel more comfortable talking things out with their TV.

What does this actually mean? Rather than submitting to film, you now have authorial command, much like in the sweeping worlds of sandbox games. The viewer/player has never had more power.

The system is available currently for £99, with content prices varying.  

-Lyndsey Edelman