A Pandora For Games?

If, just like me, you’re straddling the line of regular poverty and abject poverty, there’s nothing worse dropping sixty dollars on a game I end up playing three times, and then get frustrated with and repurpose as a drink coaster. It’s, like, the worst thing ever. I could have used that sixty bucks on important stuff, like buying a bunch of pizzas or something.

Anyways, there’s a solution to that problem. Mashable just pointed out that Penny Arcade has released the Decide-O-Tron, an iPhone app that basically works as Pandora for games, taking your existing game preferences into account and then making recommendations based off of them.

The app is powered by Penny Arcade’s customary dose of dry, gamer humor compared with complex data sets from EEDAR (Electronic Entertainment Design and Research). Users can upload their game libraries, sort by criteria such as review score and release date, and tell the app which games he or she liked or disliked. The app, much like a Pandora for video games, then suggests games the user might like to try out or look for in the future.

If you ignore the fact that it kinda-sorta pushes us towards the elimination of free-will, it’s pretty cool. I know I’m downloading it, because choices suck. Check the app out here.

-Drew Millard