Adam Sandler signs on to the Candy Land movie…

Yes it’s still in production. No, no one knows why. But now Adam Sandler has signed on to the project, and it’s left Universal and been picked up by Columbia. It’s got a few decent names attached to it (Kevin Lima of Enchanted is directing, and Robert Smigel and Etan Cohen have given the script rewrites, for example), but really, of all of the games you could pick to make a movie out of, why this? The Onion A.V. Club muses on the news:

And although the announcement doesn’t specify what part Sandler will eventually play, it does mention that it’s “larger than life,” suggesting either Sandler will be the father of a family that finds itself trapped in Candy Land and who will intermittently shout things, or that he will play one or perhaps several of the many established Candy Land characters like Lord Licorice or even Gramma Nutt, who will intermittently shout things. The decision will likely come down to which role would allow him to wear cargo shorts.

That sounds about right.

– Adnan Agha

[via The A.V. Club]