After Amnesia Fortnight, Double Fine should just hire Pendleton Ward outright

Amnesia Fortnight is Double Fine’s annual internal game jam, where members of the studio cook up a ton of rough sketches for games that are far too zany, cutesy, and preposterous to otherwise exist, like this one about a horse-for-hire that saves clumsy heros. Then, for the next six days, they’ll ask you, their adoring public, to vote on which ones they’ll make.

It’s a great creative exercise that doesn’t always materialize into great games, but has produced some small gems like Costume Quest. This year, Adventure Time cartoonist Pendleton Ward (who we did this awesome interview with) is participating, and some of his ideas look pretty marvelous, because of course they would, such as this one about a cupid who makes people love inanimate objects. He clearly has the right mindset for making original games. (Although we did trash the last Adventure Time game, we doubt he had much at all to do with it.) So, Double Fine, hire this man.