This game lets you vandalize Ai Weiwei’s urns without jail time

Ai Wei Whoops is a game about the culture of art vandalism, where an attack on art by megalomaniacs and furious postmodern art haters often absurdly increases the value of the artwork. This apparently is not the case for Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s painted urn, which was valued at a million dollars and was busted in Miami recently. 

The whole thing is kind of ironic because, in 1995, artist Ai Weiwei smashed a cultural artifact in his tryptic “Dropping a Han-Dynasty Urn.” It’s pretty much what it sounds like. In fact, the photographs of him dropping it were hanging in the very room where his vase was smashed. The New Yorker has a pretty good writeup if you want to investigate. But if you’re like me and are just have a need for some late afternoon distraction, then Grayson Earle’s latest web prank/game will do you right. It’s wonderful stress relief.