Alcazar puzzle game comes with 60 new puzzles to exercise your brain

Alcazar by The Incredible Company is a simple puzzle game meant poke and prod the brain into making it think again, and all you have to do is enter and exit a room.

Alcazar, available on Android (with other platforms coming), comes with 60 free puzzles to enjoy and struggle with, and if 60 isn’t enough more levels can be purchased in-game. Each stage requires patience and some deep, serious thinking. Finding the perfect entrance and exit is key in finding the right path; trial and error goes a long way.

The best part about the game is that refreshing feeling of discovery after finishing a room you’ve attempted multiple times.  That moment when you see your trail leading from one entrance to another, touching every tile harmoniously. It’s definitely a game where winning actually feels rewarding. As stated in the description of the app on Google Play’s website, no guessing is required. All it takes is skill, concentration and some good ol’ logical thinking.

Alcazar can be purchased on Google Play, but if you’re unsure of purchasing it, The Incredible Company has a demo on their website you can try.