Angry Birds makes its way to Facebook, our stomachs.

Ever at the forefront of digital media innovation, Angry Birds has officially landed in the world’s largest social media platform. Wired reports:

The new browser-based version of Angry Birds comes loaded with a slew of new features including exclusive levels, social gaming integration (allowing you to do things like keep track of, and compete against, your Facebook friends’ high scores) and several all-new power-ups. Some of the more interesting new powers allow you to trigger “birdquakes” to take out your pig nemeses or “super seeds” that instantly bulk up your birds.

Rovio has also implemented some social gaming features to keep you thoroughly immersed in the experience, such as daily rewards for continuing to play. And you can of course bombard your Facebook friends with those annoying virtual gift notifications to lure them into playing the game, too.

The game is still in its Beta mode, but I’m guessing this can only mean good things for Rovio’s massively successful title (the article also mentions that as of last November the game has been downloaded some 500 million times). 

Also on the subject of all things Angry Birds, did you know that there’s now not only Angry Birds gummy candy, but Angry Birds pork rinds? I wonder what’ll be emblazoned with those fiery eyebrows or sickly green color next…

Yannick LeJacq

[via Wired]