Angry Elephants: What games do the presidential hopefuls play?

In a recent interview, Rick Santorum admitted to being a casual gaming convert. While the floundering candidate’s current surge in popularity may be short-lived, his run through the Mayan ruins of the iPhone game Temple Run might be a long one. The former Pennsylvania senator says his focus has shifted from Angry Birds to the endless running game.

While we’re at it, I took a stab at guessing what games the other presidential candidates like to play:

-Mitt Romney, who has a reputation for flipping his views on the issues: Ikaruga, a famous shoot-em up that has you switching colors depending on what kind of bullets the enemies fire at you. Also, Braid.

-Newt Gingrich, who was on the payroll of a company who helped cause the housing bubble: Fortune Street.

-Ron Paul, who has isolationist views, and is around the same age as my grandpa: Solitaire, for Windows.

-Last but not least, Obama, who promptly had a basketball court installed at the White House: NBA 2K12.

-Jason Johnson

[via Touch Arcade]