Anna Anthropy and Merritt Kopas’s new game is jilted love in deep space

If only breakups were as much fun to watch in real life as they are in deep space. SPACE/OFF is a bomb-dropping, laser-zapping spaceship battler inspired in equal parts by Star Control and DIY pixel art. It’s also a game for two about separating from the one you’d thought you’d spend forever with, or at least share many more months of meaningless sex. 

You may recognize the creators behind this button-mashing lovers’ quarrel. Merritt Kopas is the creator of the incredibly clever square-slider LIM, and Anna Anthropy is, well, Anna Anthropy, author of subversive games and important books. You’d think between the two of them they would have known that a relationship between a three-eyed wolf with an eyepatch and a sinister-looking centipede, both in possession of deadly spaceships, would never work out. 

You can pick this one up here.