Announcing the Tribeca Games Festival

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We at Kill Screen are thrilled to announce our partnership with Tribeca on the first ever Tribeca Games Festival. When Tribeca said they wanted to work with us to put on this incredible event, it was an opportunity we absolutely could not pass up. The Tribeca Games Festival is going to be something incredible, and we are proud of the collection of emerging independent developers and industry greats that we have assembled. This festival will feature onstage keynote interviews with trailblazers in the games industry, including a special conversation with Hideo Kojima. It will also feature retrospective looks at games media that has shaped the landscape, exciting previews of upcoming titles, and the groundbreaking cross-cultural conversations that Kill Screen is known for.

With two days of programming, two stages, and a bevy of fantastic names, the Tribeca Games Festival is not an event to be missed. The festival will kick off with a concert headlined by British electronic music producer and multi-instrumentalist Mura Masa, alongside the New York premiere of Telltale Games’ first-ever crowd play of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, Episode 1. Mura Masa will get you amped for day two of the fest with an opening night of futuristic beats. 

Saturday starts off with cross-cultural conversations featuring Ian Dallas of Giant Sparrow (What Remains of Edith Finch?), Robin Hunicke (Journey, Funomena) on one stage. On the other, retroactive looks at recent games that have inspired and amazed: Davey Wreden (The Stanley Parable, Beginner’s Guide), Sean Vanaman (Firewatch), Jonathan Morin (Watch Dogs 2) and Michael Chu (Overwatch) discuss the challenges and joys of interactive storytelling. A special presentation will take place as well featuring The Lawnmower Man director Brett Leonard in conversation with Jessica Brillhart of Google Cardboard to discuss the past, present & future of VR as well as the 25th anniversary of his iconic film.

The day wraps up with three keynote conversation with game industry legends. First, Sam Lake (Max Payne, Alan Wake) discusses his unique and creative approach to game design and storytelling. Then, a conversation with Hideo Kojima. Tying up the day is Ken Levine (BioShock) taking a look at his twenty-year games career and the place he made for interactive storytelling in games.

The Tribeca Games Festival promises to be something really special, and we are so pleased that we got to partner with Tribeca to make it a reality. Curating this event has been so much fun for our team, and we know that the actual weekend will be memorable to say the least. Make sure to grab your tickets before they’re gone, and we’ll see you in NYC April 28th & 29th.

Please note, if you are a Kickstarter backer with an outstanding pass for Kill Screen Fest, we will be reaching out to you soon via email.