Announcing Versions Workshops

In partnership with NEW INC, we are excited to announce a series of workshops to accompany our upcoming Versions conference.

Versions workshops offer participants a chance to learn best practices from the pros, get hands-on and investigate the practical side of creating compelling experiences for VR. Led by industry-leading experts, they’ll explore a range of approaches to VR that includes web-based, 360 video and game engine environments, as well as more cutting-edge experiments like room-scale VR.

There are two ways to attend Versions workshops. If you don’t have a conference pass, you can purchase a ticket a la carte to attend a workshop. We still have conference passes available, so it’s not too late to purchase a ticket – attendees get free admittance to one workshop with their ticket. You can learn more about our Versions conference on our website.

Make sure to secure your spot now for Versions workshops, Sunday March 5th, 2016. Session one is from 12-3PM, session two is from 4-7PM – all workshops are at the NEW INC offices in Manhattan.