Anonymous Zynga employee seeks sympathy from web, solicited for inside information instead.

Someone took to Quora to ask how Zynga employees were dealing with the social giant’s poor stock performance. An anonymous employee penned a heartfelt response:

People willing to play the politics game were given ‘rockstar’ status, quarterly bonuses and promotions. Project direction and goals shifted daily, innovation of any kind was difficult – we were constantly forced to hew our game closer to the Farmville/Cityville playbook. Six weeks before shipping the studio was flown out to San Francisco to launch our game – 12 hour days seven days a week, free of the distraction of friends, wives and girlfriends. I watched alcoholism and substance abuse skyrocket, relationships crumble (including my own), people slept on office couches, two developers got divorced, one nervous breakdown. They attempted to smooth this over with more stock, free food and t-shirts. Free food doesn’t do you much good when you’ve lost fifteen pounds from not eating.

It goes on and apparently this fellow is not alone. But one comment in particular showed true class. Behold:

– – –

Amazing. “Not to be insensitive” falls under same category of human discourse as “Just playing Devil’s advocate” and “I’m not a racist, but…”  But seriously, should we be buying Zynga stock?