This app is like Dark Souls’ note-leaving system IRL, minus the anguish

One of the coolest features in the Souls series is the ability to scrawl hints, boldfaced lies, and evidence of your existential duress on the ground for other players to read. The app Slice, available on iTunes, lets users mark their physical environment in a similar way, well, except for those bloodstains that reveal to others their grizzly deaths. Now that would just be morbid! 

But everything else is pretty spot on, and it turns out Dark Souls makes a pretty awesome social app. You can drop a marker at your current locale on a GPS-enabled map and write a message that stays there forever. Also like Dark Souls, the user can upvote or downvote the note, which is totally anonymous. One big difference is you don’t have to physically travel to a spot, but can zoom around reading notes willy-nilly, although I guess you can kind of do that in Dark Souls 2. No word if it contains permadeath.