The app that lets you improve your boring reality with things you build in Minecraft

Well, this is just flippin cool: a new iPhone app allows you to upload Minecraft-created objects onto the real world, and view them using an augmented reality interface. Check it out:

For me, this is a very significant development. Among my plans: turn my basement apartment into the Playboy Mansion, turn my Honda into a Ferrari, and build a 6’5″ muscle suit inside Minecraft, upload it onto myself, and demand that all of my friends view me with their iPhones. Even in bed. Especially in bed.

Seriously, though, this augurs some crazy sci-fi potentialities. Imagine the world in 30 years, ravaged by economic collapse, endless catastrophic weather, and President Rubio. Sounds terrible, right? Except you won’t have to look at it, because with your Google-goggles (eye implants) you’ll be able to turn that smoke stack into a palm tree and those encroaching flood waters into a giant pool of hundred dollar bills.

A little like Cypress Creek: