Apple Fanboy iTable Merges Interior Design, Rabid Brand Devotion

There is love….and then there is obsession. If you’re the kind of person who loves Apple products, we can understand that. But there are those who wish to adorn every surface of their home, perhaps even their bodies, with the silky, smooth sheen of Apple product design. If you are one of these people, Kyle Buckner has a table for you. Behold the table made to look like an iPhone 4. 

Swipe their hands across the touch sensitive controls and the high quality sound rises from what looked like was a design in the table. Swipe again, your music stops, and the motorized sound-bar , equipped with 8 high-end transducer speakers, glides right back down as if there was nothing even there.

An unfolding DS futon is probably more up our alley though.