Are the Littlest Kids Now the ‘Touch Generation’?

In 2001, author Marc Prensky coined the term “digital native” for those born without knowledge of an analog world.  For kids coming up today in the ubiquity of touch screens, they may not know a world where those surfaces weren’t open for manipulation and control. The idea of a “touch generation” is pretty cool, although I don’t know that touchscreens are as monumental as the jump from digital to analog, or to internet connectivity. (Although Apple might have something to say about that.)

“At 18 months old, my son already knows how to do the iPhone swipe,” said Intel employee Kari Aakre. “Luckily he doesn’t know my password to unlock my phone just yet. I’ve downloaded a few apps and games for him, and he really has fun with it, even though he isn’t really old enough to know what he’s doing. He just sees Mom and Dad on these phones all the time, so he wants to play, too.”

(Obligatory grain of salt here — the quotes come the Intel press room. Intel, of course, has a chip in the iPad 2. Nonetheless, still an interesting concept.)

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