Are videogames the next big addiction?

Kotaku recently ran an interesting piece about a UK treatment group preparing to tackle gaming as the latest manifestation of addictive behavior. Brian Crecente reports:

Their study found that more than a third of those surveyed above the age of 16 think they know of at least one person addicted to gaming. Nearly 40 percent of those under 16 thought they know of at least one video game addict, according to the Norwich Evening News.

This usually raises the collective hackles of the gaming community. But Crecente reminds us that “this is an organization that seems to have a level-headed approach to both addiction and how video games fit into society.” 

Combating loneliness and anti-social behavior by creating guidelines for “responsible gaming” may ultimately prove a larger issue than one for parents alone. But creating responsible and unstigmatized dialogue for problem gaming is a good start.

Yannick LeJacq

[via Kotaku]