Are we playing enough Skyrim to alter the economy?

We’ve all heard it: the unemployment rate is depressingly high, the economy continues to waver, and the world is of course set to end next year. It’s looking pretty grim out there. But in a recent post by Dave Banks for Wired, the blogger makes a bold accusation that has had people talking throughout the gaming community: that Skyrim, with it’s captivating and endless game play, has taken a firm hold over the lives of players. 

In the month since Skyrim‘s release, I have logged more hours in the game than I can publicly admit without embarrassment (my most recent save may (or may not) have three digits in the total hours played). This weekend alone, I forgot about two obligations, blew off a dinner and a concert, and purchased no goods or services.

He even goes as far as to say that his social life and hygiene have seen a dramatic decline.

Yikes. Do we have any self control anymore? 

At any rate, we’re not so sure that Skyrim will single-handedly perpetuate the economic downturn because, well, we have bigger concerns than a masterpiece video game. There will come a time when we will move on to other games as they will always be “bigger and better.” Definitely work on the hygiene issue, though. 

– Lyndsey Edelman

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