Art Exhibit Meets the World of Sword & Sworcery

Melbourne-based Anna Schwartz Gallery is featuring the art of British sculptor Antony Gormley.  The works reminds us a lot of our recent fave Sword & Sworcery: EP which also features angular models in contorted positions. For the gallery site on the show titled “Memes”:

“A Meme is a cultural analogue to a gene. Forms that are transmitted in thought or behaviour from one body to another, responding to conditional environments, self-replicating and capable of mutation.

The miniature or the model allows the totality of a body to be seen at once. These small solid iron works use the formal language of architecture to replace anatomy and construct volumes to articulate a range of 32 body postures. The ambition is to make intelligible forms that form an abstract lexicon of body-posture but which nevertheless carry the invitation of empathy and the transmission of states of mind.

See more of the show here.