Is the art of videogame fragrance even a thing?

According to Epic Scents, a new company set to create air-fresheners of licensed videogame characters, Capcom’s Mega Man smells like “the essence of a boy put into a man’s role.”

Um, ok. But what does that smell like?

“There is a purity in him, he has a real pure heart,” Kavanaugh said, “but there is also masculinity, and bravery.”

Those three notes, purity, bravery and masculinity, become the trinity of notes that form Mega Man’s scent.

For the purity of heart, the perfumers went with a very fresh clear note, like a fresh tropical breeze. For Mega Man’s masculine side, they introduced a musky note, to make it “closer to a men’s fragrance.” And finally for bravery slight citrus notes.

This kind of interpretive scent-making may just be a PR ploy, or it may be that commerce, videogames and artistry are uniting once and for all in an apex of aromatic triumph.