Artist avoids the term "installation"; developers to abandon "art game"?

Photo from Buren’s new exibit

Daniel Buren, a conceptual artist known for his use of stripes, has a new exhibit that uses glass, stone, and fabric to transform the Grand Palais into a kaleidoscope of color. Understandably, Buren sees all art as part of the society and location from which it springs:

I don’t like the term installation because it means that you are installing yourself, settling in. And insofar as not all, but a large part of my work is ephemeral, it never installs itself. It’s installed precisely, for a certain time, and after that it disappears.

Video games aren’t as ephemeral as Buren’s work, but the cultural milieu surrounding a game’s creation is. Children may look back on Words with Friends without the knowledge that it wanted to be Scrabble. 

Buren is also “more interested in architechture than in certain ideas in art.” Indie developers might be more interested in video games than in certain ideas in art, making the term “art game” as inaccurate as “installation.”

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