Artware finds a new home

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Originally released in 2012 without any fanfare, first-person “artware” game TRIP got a second chance recently with its arrival on Steam—a chance that its creator and avant-garde artist Axel Shokk jumped on. This re-release, as it were, has encouraged Shokk to treat TRIP as less of a videogame and more of a “3D art platform” that he plans to regularly update with new virtual art installations. These will arrive as singular worlds accessible from the game’s menu that all offer an abstract experience in color, animation, and music. Each of these worlds will demand nothing of you but to wander according to your own curiosity. You’re asked only to find wild sights inside this software and to enjoy piecing together the dancing creatures and their vivid environments as you would a cubist painting.

Perfect for: Children, avant-garde artists, curious netizens.

Playtime: As long as you can trip.