As you play Fez, think of how every ounce of happiness was paid for with anguish.

In an interview with Simon Parkin for Gamasutra, Phil Fish, the creator of the long awaited world-bending indie platformer Fez, talks about his trails and tribulations putting together the game.

After the second time we lost our funding and there was the whole divorce with my business partner, and all sorts of horrible things going in my life, I was seriously considering just giving up. Actually it became like this weird like suicide fantasy that I was going to cancel Fez out of spite, like, “You’re NEVER gonna get it! Fuck you all!”

And like I was just in such a horrible place for a while that like yeah, it really did seem like the game was actually not going to happen. It felt like every force in the world was conspiring to make sure that it was never coming out, and I was getting so burnt out and so depressed that when Trapdoor came along they saved the project. I don’t think there would be a Fez if they didn’t help us out.

Remind me never to go into game development! Check out our earlier interview with Phil Fish here.

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-Jason Johnson