Augmented reality gets a lot more real in these short films

Filmmaker Keiichi Matsuda has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a series of futuristic short films that will both illustrate our augmented-reality future and be ripped off in every sci-fi videogame and film between now and then. Dubbed Hyper-Reality: A New Vision of the Future, the proposed series of short films would be set in the high-crime, rapidly evolving city of Medellin, Colombia, and focus on the future of social media, videogames, and technological aesthetics.

Why should we care about this? Well, two reasons. The first is that he’s already made a couple of short films that dazzlingly illustrate a collision between the low- and the high-tech. Though only a couple minutes each, Augmented (hyper)Reality and Augmented City 3D pack in an almost dizzying array of ideas.

The second is that the worlds of augmented reality and videogames are closely interrelated. Just as the rise of cellphones put computers in our pockets and so transformed the videogame landscape, so too will overlaying our computers onto our environments. In the video above, the woman idly updating her social status on the train may as well be tweaking menus in a social game. So, have at it: what are the best and worst case scenarios for videogames in this world?