Awaken a neolithic civilization in Monument Valley creator’s VR debut, out today

Living in the Bay Area, Land’s End for me is the overly windy cliffside overlooking the chilly, probably densely-polluted San Francisco bay. For critically acclaimed Monument Valley creator Ustwo Games, Land’s End is something else entirely—a quiet, meditative VR game that was released today.

In its Samsung Gear VR debut, an ultra consumer friendly and portable VR-headset for those with Samsung phones, Ustwo Games has crafted a surreal, completely hands-free experience. With the Gear VR, Land’s End gives players the opportunity to navigate an ancient and beautiful world, said to be inspired by isolated regions from across the world, including Iceland, the Hebrides, and Saudi Arabia—and even the ancient monuments of Stonehenge.

Land’s End is somewhat of a telekinetic experience. The game itself is 100 percent hands-free, its sole interactive function being a “gaze-based” mechanic, designed by Peter Pashley and Ken Wong, making use of the Gear VR’s head-tracking functionality. As you look around the wondrous landscapes of Land’s End, you seek to “awaken” an ancient civilization by drawing shapes with a beam of light directed by your head movements.

somewhat of a telekinetic experience 

Custom-designed for Samsung Gear VR, the intuitive gaze-mechanic and addition of more dream-like environments, like those that Monument Valley was praised for, make Land’s End a standout title on the Gear VR headset. It may even be enough to tempt your leap into virtual reality if you haven’t been won over thus far.

Land’s End is out now for Gear VR for $7.99 over on the Oculus Store.


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