Babycastles and Katamari creator to rebuild classic games inside gallery.

As part of the upcoming Babycastles Summit, Keita Takahashi—the endearingly sardonic director of the Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy—has teamed up with the avant-slacker game producers/party throwers Babycastles to carry out Takahashi’s real-world dreams of classic videogames, i.e. Dunk Hunt and Pac-Man.

With these “play-scapes” Babycastles is looking to faciliate such visionary projection like Takahashi’s in the minds of young people. At the summit, he’ll aslo undergo an interview with Frank Lantz, director of both NYU Game Center and Zynga New York.

This will be the main draw of the The Babycastles Summit, hosted by the NYU’s Game Center and CITE Innovation lab, held at Museum of Art and Design from August 23-26. The summit also promises more talks with NYC-based designers and musicians like Ivan Safrin, Kaho Abe, and Neil Fridd.

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See the rest of Takahashi’s sketches at Kotaku.