Is Bad Piggies Rovio’s first original idea?

Over at Game|Life, Ryan Ringey has some words of encouragement for Rovio, who he thinks have finally dropped their bad habit of taking extant, unpolished games and turning them into profits:

Bad Piggies makes it appear as if Rovio wants to be on a different trajectory. Sure, the characters themselves are spun off from the Angry Birds brand. But gameplay is king, and creating something that doesn’t feel like anything else on the market is the only way that the industry can sustain itself in the long term.

If Rovio continues to produce games like Bad Piggies, it can become something much greater than “the Finnish guys who made Angry Birds.” It might be the first truly powerful force in the games industry born on mobile devices.

Also, Bad Piggies, if you have not played it yet, is just a hunka-hunka burning fun.