Ballots: James Dilks


1. Bastion (25)
2. Portal 2 (20)
3. Dark Souls (15)
4. Forget-Me-Not (10)
5. Spelltower (5)
6. From Dust (5)
7. Deus Ex: Human Revolution (5)


I’ve ranked my games of 2011 in an order reflecting the intensity at which I enjoyed them. It’s no coincidence that the two shortest narratives take over half the points; Bastion was a bit of restrained magic, and Valve sealed their position as the Pixar of videogames. Like its world, Dark Souls was the only game this year to be both dense and enormous, and I’m lucky enough to have had the time to dedicate to it. Time for play becomes more valuable with age, and 2011 was the year I started to consider whether a game was worth my time, rather than my money. The two iOS games may seem to contradict this idea – both are potentially indefinite – but the quick-wittedness required for each as well as Forget-Me-Not’s nostalgia and Spelltower’s ‘Drop7 of word games’ design absolve them.

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