This week’s Playlist pick is the abstract, spectral Sylvio

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Were you someone who watched The Conjuring and wished you could be a badass ghost hunter like the Warrens? Well, they made a horror game for you (and your poor life goals), and it’s called Sylvio. In Sylvio, you play as Juliette Waters, an audio recorder who specializes in EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) and communicating with the other side. She faces her toughest challenge yet after getting trapped inside an old family park that closed down after tragedy struck in 1971. As Juliette, you must survive a night full of whispers and crackling static with only your recording equipment to defend yourself. By solving puzzles and following up on clues, you’ll learn more than you probably want to about the park’s tortured past.

Perfect for: Mediums, Ed and Lorraine Warren, Audio enthusiasts

Playtime: About 15 Hours