Three beautiful, upcoming medieval fantasy games to gawp at

This past week has been a treasure trove of early looks at some really pretty, really difficult, and really secretive fantasy videogames.

Each one is worth noting in its own respect, but since they’re early looks, not a whole lot of information is out there to discuss. So instead, we’ll do a round up—and for funzies, we’ll write that roundup in the style of a storyteller reciting the tales of fabled legends. Because, you know, journalism.

Death’s Gambit

Ahh, the deathly gambit is an old story, which began all the way back in 2012 as a prototype by Jean Canellas. After teaming up with Alex Kubodera in 2014, these two adventurers sought to finish what Jean began. It was born “out of a desire to make a game we felt we HAD to make,” Canellas is known to have said. “We felt that if we didn’t make this game now, we might be missing out on a great opportunity.”

the flickering flames of a mass burial. 

Lo and behold, what a great opportunity it was! Feast your eyes upon the medieval planet of Death’s Gambit, an action-RPG that will put you through your paces. You begin the journey by making a deal with Death, exchanging your existence with becoming Death’s agent, and in a world of immortals (is that really a wise choice?). Battles require strategic maneuvers, a combination of sword and gunplay, and a touch of magic to season. What you’ll face is far mightier: a host of unique, aggressive, and sometimes gigantic foes that you’ll have to climb with a grapple hook. 

The window of premonitions (otherwise known as a trailer) predicts epic scenery, including the flickering flames of a mass burial. Phoenix-dragons and colossal enemies abound, along with some friends to help you battle them along the way. The protagonist makes a pretty bold fashion statement, too, by sporting what appears to be a combination khakis with a steel armor get-up.

The creators even allow those who dare to look through another virtual portal (otherwise known as a Twitch live stream) to see the development process every Saturday at 2:30pm PST. Death’s Gambit will be available on PCs across the realm, though no exact release date has been prophesied yet.


From the creator of Shadowrun comes our second legend: Necropolis.

Though the powerful archmage Abraxis took his secrets to the grave, his epic gravesite survives in the form of a deathly maze. They say Abraxis still resides within, an immortal practicing his dark magic under cover over the Necropolis, far from the prying eyes of society.

dark reflections of perished adventurers 

This magical maze is governed by the Brazen Head. Half butler, half taskmaster, the Brazen Head changes the Necropolis at whim. Many adventurers have sought the trove of magical treasures enclosed within these tombs, but few escape. The Brazen Head calls out to adventurers, though, coaxing them in so it can zap their life force to fuel the powerful shrine.

It’s a trap, and in ten centuries, no one has ever escaped—but that won’t stop you from descending into Necropolis‘ depths, will it, oh brave adventurer?

Aside from undead enemies known as the Grine, who are dark reflections of perished adventurers, you will also fight germeaters and blackguards. For more information, reference the great tomes writ on the developer’s blog. Though the oracles fail to predict a release date for this one as well, it will be available on Mac, PC, and Linux.

Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power

Trine 3 comes into the foreground with a lineage of greatness already in its blood. Though, in this edition, the side-scrolling aspect of the action-puzzler will be replaced by a full-scope perspective. The well known band of adventurers—including a thief, a knight, and a wizard, all with their own set of capabilities—will work together to solve puzzles and save the world, allowing the player to switch between all three seamlessly. Though details about the trio’s newest journey are hazy, it will most likely involve some form of realm-saving to satisfy the female narrator in the trailer (I mean, er, window of premonitions).

Aside from a grand-finale announcing a fish-stew dinner, the trailer also highlights the breathtaking fairytale atmosphere and dream-like quality of the character animations. Frozenbyte is predicting a 2015 release, though there’s no confirmation on any platforms.