Because who doesn’t need Link to the Past’s overworld crafted in paper

For the videogame map enthusiast, there would be nothing sweeter than hanging this diorama of the overworld from A Link to the Past over the mantle, at least until your significant other made you remove it. The miniature, 1:1, 3D model is handsomely constructed of paper and is easily framed in a deep-seated box to display. You can almost hear the overworld theme just looking at it.

This nostalgia trip was lovingly constructed by Wuppes, a super-talented and obviously very patient guy. And his love of seeing old games recreated in paper doesn’t stop at Zelda. His Flickr account is full of many other delightful dioramas from old favorites: Bomberman, Bubble Bobble, Golden Axe, that scene in Duck Hunt where the dog taunts you. And to answer the question I know you’re thinking: yes, there is a Dark World companion.