Become the manager of Nice Dudes modeling agency, manage all the nice dudes

Often, women are treated as commodities in videogames. Whether they’re the player’s reward or used as background decoration for the world, players are accustomed to seeing the female body bought, sold, collected, consumed, and traded. Of course, this isn’t exclusive to games: advertisers often use photoshop to portray parts of the female body as literal objects, or use the female form as decoration to render their object more attractive. (It’s starting to happen to male bodies too, but with less frequency and history than women).

Which is why the Nice Dudes management sim by Eeve Somepx feels like such a breath of fresh air. As a game which casts the player as the manager of a modeling agency (the Nice Dudes Modeling Agency, to be exact), which essentially renders these male bodies literal commodities to be traded, things could get pretty ugly fast. But Nice Dudes circumvents any and all ickiness with a smile.

rack up a debt faster than you can say Dolce & Gabbana 

Because while you do send your nice dude models out for jobs in exchange for money—using both their charm and rock hard abs for profit—there’s one component to the management sim that keeps it from being gross. The model’s actual agency and personality play a heavy role in whether or not you succeed. Like, say the job calls for someone willing to walk on stilts. If you send one of your dudes who’s not very brave (i.e. if you ignore his human strengths and limitations) you’ll rack up a debt faster than you can say Dolce & Gabbana. It’s only by seeing your models as human, and ensuring they’re safe and comfortable, that you can then profit from their rockin’ beach bods.

Which is not to say Nice Dudes is a very serious game. Your dude-bros will find themselves in all manner of escapades, like needing to sell glue by pouring it all over their slick yet sticky bodies. Or, advertising the most expandable balloon ever made (which, coincidentally, my dude failed for being too enthusiastic about the blowing up a balloon part). Whatever it is that needs selling, you can rest assured the Nice Dudes Modeling Agency will be there to attempt (and usually fail) to sell it with some really nice dudes.

In it’s current beta form, Nice Dudes is a short but sweet experience. Just be sure you think long and hard (that’s what she said) before picking your nice dude, because if he’s not the nicest dude for the situation, you’ll wind up with even more debt to a loan shark. And no amount of abs and smeyes-ing will be able to save you then.

Play Nice Dudes on Windows here. And if you want to be a nice dude in the flesh, you can even buy the Nice Dude t-shirt.