Berlin-based artist wants to build a life-sized model of a Counter-Strike map

Berlin-based artist Aram Bartholl was inspired by the virtual world of Counter-Strike so much so that he wanted to bring it to life.  He put a proposal up for Rhizome to recreate the map of Dust. Above, a video of his replica and his explanation below:

Computer games differ from other mediums such as books, movies or TV, in that spatial cognition is a crucial aspect in computer games. To win a game the player needs to know the 3D game space very very well. Spatial recognition and remembrance is an important part of our human capability and has formed over millions of years by evolution. A place, house or space inscribes itself in our spatial memory. We can talk about the qualities of the same movies we watched or books we have read. But millions of gamers experienced the same worlds in computer games. They all remember very well the spaces that they’ve spent a great deal of time in. Computer game architecture and game maps have become a new and yet undiscovered form of cultural heritage. How many people in the world have seen the real Time Square, the Kaaba in Mecca or the Tiananmen Square with their own eyes?