The best of #whatdoesagamedesignerlooklike

At 9:45 PM last night, Eastern Standard Time, the game developer Robin Hunicke – she of Journey fame – tweeted a picture of herself with the query: what does a game designer look like? You know the rest: a hashtag was born and a flood of game designers started snapping selfshots! So, what DO game designers look like?

The main trend we noticed was beards:

– – –

Akira Thompson

Rob of Retro Remakes

Rohan Harris

And stubble…

Jayenkai from A Game A Week

And sideburns…

Rudolf Kremers

Also, disguises:

Jan Wilhelm Nijman

Andy Moore

Terry Cavanagh

And, yes, a few ladies.

Mattie Brice

Shannon B. Meissner, with the insane West Side Story meets Barbie meets Shibuya chic. Steez.