The Bézier Game trains you to use a common Photoshop tool

Based in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, design studio and education startup Method of Action wants to teach you a couple things. They’ve already created games to teach budding typographers kerning and letter spacing and interior design wannabes a bit about the properties of color.

Their new game takes aim at the what’s known as “bézier curves,” a parametric curve that’s used in computer graphics, design, and animation. If you don’t know what they are still, that’s fine; you can read about them here. But the The Bézier Game aims to teach by doing.

It gives you an object and you aim to bend a line around an outline with as few nodes possible. It’s a bit tough, admittedly, and it helps to know how to use the pen tool in Photoshop already, but hey, we all know training to become the world’s greatest interface designer is a long one.

Play The Bézier Game here.