Biome is a god game that lets you do pretty much nothing, if you want

“Explore and transform the world as you play, unbound by goals or directives. Touch and prod it constantly or do nothing and let it evolve freely,” reads the introduction for Biome on Low Poly World. It’s that last sentence that’s got me intrigued. For all the games about choice and action, very few of them understand the power of choosing to do nothing at all.

Allowing you to manipulate the landscape and turn it from desert to jungle to tundra and back again, Biome is an endless, procedurally generated game that encourages play and exploration. Or not. Maybe you just want to watch the world grow and expand or turn to dust and blow away. Maybe you want to make everything freeze or quite literally turn tides. Biome is a god game that let’s you do pretty much nothing if that’s your prerogative. Even more attractive than it’s lowpoly style, evocative of Mountain, is that it seems like the shadowy grasp of Peter Molyneux has come no where near this one. Check out the atmospheric new trailer below.