BioShock’s Levine pens sci-fi, game designers on acid, and Legacy of Kain titles that never were

Kotaku talks with our pink-haired friend Robin Arnott about how Soundself—the music game (maybe?) played by singing to amorphous theoretical universes—was inspired by acid. 

Mr. BioShock himself Ken Levine is penning the screenplay for the adaptation/remake of Logan’s Run. It’s more or less The Hunger Games meets Brave New World meets the occult scene from Eyes Wide Shut. Sounds like a good fit for Levine.

Gaming’s sarcastic swami and swell guy Ian Bogost throws down the gauntlet at the Games for Change conference, questioning if games for good are incompatible with good games.

In order to draw people to the card cabinet, the Seattle Public Library staged this, the world’s largest book domino chain! Is that a thing?

Vice has the most frivolous yet delightful E3 writeup we’ve seen, eulogizing all those lonesome DJs at the big event that no one bothered to notice.

The guy in charge of the Mad Max game says big-budget games are too short. I have to disagree! Ten hours is good for me.

Over at NeoGAF, user Mama Robotnik delves way too deep into the—count ’em—ten! Legacy of Kain titles that were canceled at some point during development.