Social game company Lightside releases game about Jesus’s life same day as Diablo III.

As everyone now knows and to every girlfriend’s dismay, Diablo III was released last Tuesday. The internet exploded with cries of server malfunctions and error numbers while anyone that was able to get in to the game secluded themselves from the rest of the world for periods of time likely to bring on Vitamin D deficiency.

Another game was released last Tuesday and actually deals with some similar subject matter: Journey of Jesus: The Calling is a social game made by Lightside games. Unlike Diablo, the game has been praised by several Christian leaders due to its accurate representation of Jesus’s life. Their previous game based on Moses’s life was played by over 2 million people so it seems that this one could be similarly popular.

Whether you want to learn more about Jesus or just want to fight sin while servers are down, Journey of Jesus is available on Facebook.

[via FoxNews]